Declared a Natural Park in December of 1987, it has a surface area of 26,000 hectares and its protected area extends one nautical mile out to sea and along almost 45 km. of coastline. This is why the sea bottom is protected and why it is filled with such beautiful flora and fauna. The Park is located on the eastern edge of the Gulf of Almeria.

Natural Characteristics
This Natural Park covers a third of the southern-most part of the Cabo de Gata Sierra, one of the largest European exponents in volcanic mountain formations. Here you will discover the Cabo de Gata Salt marshes and a breathtaking coastline of dunes that run from San Miguel to the Hermita de Torre Garcia.

The most abundant plant species are the palmetto, the lentisco, the wild olive and the jujube, but the number of endemic species also deserves to be mentioned. The salt marshes are partially surrounded by giant reeds, salicornia and jointed grassworts, and on the sea floor there are extensive meadows of posidonia. Among fauna, we must highlight the stone curlew, the thekla lark, the broad-billed sandpiper and other birds like the stork, the avocet, the flamingo and the seagull.